Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Every minute of our birthday parties are packed with fun activities designed to make kids smile from ear to ear and parents have fun too!
We do all the work while you get to sit back, relax, and watch your kids have a blast.
Just choose the date and theme of your birthday party and you’ll be all set!

Parties are just $199 for up to 25 kids.
There is a $50 deposit that’s required when booking your date, the remainder can be paid anytime before your party.


  • Private 2 hour party (1hr playtime, 1hr presents & cake)
  • Up to 25 kids (for safety reasons, we cannot allow more than 25 kids on the play area at a time)
  • 2 large pizzas (extra pizzas available for $10 each, please email or call extra pizza order by the day before you scheduled party)
  • 10 bottled waters
  • Plates, Napkins, Forks
  • 1-week FREE class pass for all kids in attendance
  • Private party host
  • Set-up & Clean-up assistance


  • NERF WAR – Our most popular theme! We turn our dojo into a real-life nerf war. We provide obstacles and props, including team color vests, safety goggles
    and plenty of nerf bullets. JUST BRING YOUR NERF GUN and be prepared to have a ton of fun! 1 hr nerf ware, 1hr cake-pizza-gifts.
  • HYPER TRACK – The Hyper Track is our 30ft-long blow-up bounce mat. This party is instructor led and super high-energy! For 1 hour our experienced instructor
    leads a class teaching the birthday child and friends up to 15 martial arts moves they can perform IN THE AIR by jumping on and across the track. Get ready for some martial
    arts moves to the tenth degree!! 1 hour instructor led hyper class, 1 hour cake-pizza-presents

  • PRIVATE BLACK BELT KARATE OR JIU-JITSU CLASS – This option gives the birthday child the opportunity to have and incredible private martial arts lesson with
    their friends! We can choose our most popular and fun martial arts moves to teach your child OR you can request your child to learn something specific and we will accommodate.
    1 hour instructor led martial arts class, 1 hour cake-pizza-presents.

Set up and clean up

The part room, which is equipped with tables and chairs, is ready for your birthday decor. You can show up 15 minutes prior to your party start time to decorate.
We provide plates and napkin. You are welcome to bring extra decor, food and drinks!

Everything is structured and planned from start to finish

At our parties, we want to make sure you get the most out of your time. Everything is planned out so there isn’t a wasted moment.
Guests are invited to join the Birthday Ninja on the mat for one of our themes, including martial arts class, hyper track, or a nerf war.
There is a designated time for safety instruction and rules at the beginning, and cake and presents at the end.

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